Where Do You Get The Pomegranate In Poptropica Mythology

Where Do You Get The Pomegranate In Poptropica Mythology. There is a sign that says pick it for free. you jump to. The pomegranates will be use as an offering in the altar of hades to open the door to the underworld, pomegranates in mythology island then, you will see cerberus, the monstrous three headed dog.

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You have to go to where the sphinx is all the way to the left of the island. Go in the same direction you did for the aqueducts, but this time jump to the left when you see the sign. Hercules will follow you after you obtain a mirror from aphrodite and collect five items for zeus:

1.Enter The Museum And Browse The Greek Mythology History And The Various Gods And Goddesses.

Tap on it to lower the bridge. The only item to acquire is the starfish which is on poseidon's statue. Go left and over the bridge to the garden of the sphinx, jump up above the sphinx and get.

Jump Onto The Platform To.

Pick them up and then travel left, to the minotaur’s entrance. To do that, make your way to the top of the aqueducts and pull all the levers and push the bridge platforms. 2.the gate to mount olympus is locked until late in the game.

A Hydra Scale, A Rare Flower, The Minotaur’s Ring, Cerberus’s Whisker.

A lot of people are having problems finding it. In order to get the rare flower from the sphinx, we must first revive it by watering it. Just above the sphinx is a shrub with pomegranates.

I Wrote A Whole Post On How To Get The Pomegranates, But The Short Version Is To Jump Up On The Platforms Above The Sphinx And They’re Yours For The Taking.

Follow the walkthrough guide below and you should have no problem making your way through the whole island! Go left from the starting screen to reach the tree of immortality. Before you get into the underworld of hades to complete some of the tasks in your mission for zeus, you’ll need to leave an offering of a pomegranate on the altar in hades’ temple.

It Will Lead You To The Pomegranates Wich You Will Give As A Offering.

That's what you put on the table. You have to go to where the sphinx is all the way to the left of the island. Jump on top of the sphinx head in the garden.

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