Walkthrough 24 Carrot Island Poptropica

Walkthrough 24 Carrot Island Poptropica. Climb up the giant bunny and go to the right where there is a guy with a rabbit hat. Move to the right and enter a building labeled “charlie’s carrot surplus co.”.

Poptropica 24 CARROT ISLAND Walkthrough YouTube
Poptropica 24 CARROT ISLAND Walkthrough YouTube from www.youtube.com

After that, leave and head over to charlie's carrot surplus co. I have a full video walkthrough (there are two parts!) and the complete text version of the walkthrough is below. Go to the old house and enter it by the.

In 2 4 Carrot Isle, You Should Help A Ravaged City Solve The Mystery Of Its Evaporating Carrots.

This walkthrough shows you how to make it all the way through the 24 carrot island mission in poptropica. 24 carrot was one of the few islands we didn’t have a complete walkthrough for, but now we’re one step closer to a complete island walkthrough playlist! Hare and attempt to put a stop to his diabolical plans to steal all the carrots on the isle.

As You Appear On Carrot Island Head Left To.

Now go left and jump to the top of the house and go down the chimney. Hare’s travels around the world! For a period of time, the poptropica creators’ blog detailed dr.

Walk Past The Farmer And Jump Up Onto The Roof Of The House And Then Go Down The Chimney.

Then head over to the museum and talk to the guy dressed as a carrot inside. Visit the link to the craft here. Move to the right and enter a building labeled “charlie’s carrot surplus co.”.

When You Get Inside The House, Go To The Right Past The Couch And You’ll Get An Empty Bowl.

All you need is a printer, paper, a glue stick, and scissors! Visit charlie's carrot surplus where the clerk tells you her cat is missing, and may be by the farmhouse. Create your own 24 carrot dr.

Head Left To Carrot Farm.

Hare, who has secretly stolen all the carrots for a. Go to 24 carrot island and demand king carrot diner. Go to the top right and pick up the cinema ticket.

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