Poptropica Cryptids Camera

Poptropica Cryptids Camera. Go to the loch ness and go to the guy whos car is stuck then he will giva you the camera when you have helped him where is balloon boy on. All together you can learn about big foot/yeti, the giant squid, the jersey devil, the chupacabra, and the loch ness monster/nessie.

Cryptids Island Poptropica Wiki
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He will tell you to help with getting his truck unstuck. Play darts against the players there. You can make the tour of all four and actually confirm the jersey devil on the first visit, and nessie and chupacabra on.

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Poptropica Cryptids Where To Find The Camera

Poptropica Cryptids Where To Find The Camera. Since you have “proof” go back to mews’ mansion and go show mr. How do you get a camera.

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He will give you a telephoto camera and ask you to take a picture. Cryptids are creatures or plants whose existence has been suggested but not recognized officially by scientific consensus. You get a camera at loch ness, to the right of the loch.

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