Poptropica Who Is This God Test

Poptropica Who Is This God Test. Aphrodite is the goddess of love that you can be found in the game of poptropica. Who is the god on poptropica quiz?

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To pass the gods name test on poptropica on mythology island, you must first know all the names of the gods. Usually, aphrodite will test your knowledge once you are on the beach in the realm of poseidon. The hydra’s scale is one of the five sacred items on mythology island.

Who Is The God On Poptropica Quiz?

How do you cheat on poptropica? She is also as one of the major greek goddesses in greek mythology island. Here are the correct answers in order:

Dec 05, 2012 The Full Walkthrough Cheats For Poptropica Mythology Island With Audio Commentary.

She’ll give you a special mirror that you. Poptropica aphrodite quiz answers in poptropica’s mythology island, we get to meet several of the greek gods, specifically the gods that commonly make up the twelve olympians. So far, there are 47 islands in poptropica, and 3 islands in poptropica worlds, both current and former.

To Satisfy Zeus, You'll Need To Battle Monsters.

Ares gods, hermes gods, aphrodite goddess, artemis and the last, hestia. If you want to know the answers of quiz, now we are going to inform you. She appears as a character on mythology island.

How Do You Get The Scale Of Hydra In Poptropica?

Who is the god on poptropica quiz? If aphrodite give you a quiz, please remember that you have to answer the quiz correctly. If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now!

Who Is The Goddess With A Bowl And Sticks?

2:00 reed pipe 11:30 pomegranates 20:54 who is this god quiz. When you go to mythology island, aphrodite will give you a quiz regarding the greek gods and goddesses. If you pass, she'll give you the musical score and tells you that you can use the music to put cerberus to sleep.

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