Poptropica Vampire's Curse How To Get Mandrake Root

Poptropica Vampire's Curse How To Get Mandrake Root. Give the plant some water and then exit through the window. *note* if you let the vampire tomato juice drip on you, you will temporarily become a flying tomato vampire.

AntiVampirism Serum Poptropica Cheats and Secrets
AntiVampirism Serum Poptropica Cheats and Secrets from poptropicasecrets.com

One example is with the crossbow on vampire's curse island. Fly to your left and out of the graveyard, back to the area with the wolves from part 1. We've got several modern vampire costumes in the poptropica store.

Katya Tells You That We Need To Cure Count Bram’s Vampirism And That The Root Causes Book Will Help Us Find All The Ingredients For The Cure.

It takes about 20 seconds for a candle to burn out. And he tells his annabelle not to leave him again. When you get to the top, jump up onto the stone ledge and you’ll get the mandrake root.

Run To The Right And You’ll See A Wooden Wall.

Click on the microscope to make your own vampirisim cure! Head back to count’s chamber and use a pole to get a key inside a cage to the right. Don’t worry, this wears off after a while.

Head Outside On The Left And Then Drop All The Way Down To The Bottom Of The Castle.

Inside, it mentions some sort of formula to change vampires back into human form. Climb up it, and grab the mandrake root. Hurry up, go let katya out before vampires start showing up!

That Doesn't Mean You Can't Be, Though.

Jump down and head back to the armory. Use the crossbow again to shoot arrows into the wall and then jump up, using the arrows as steps. Walk to the right and click on the barrel to the right of the cellar.

Go Back Down, Through The Arch, And Into The Main Room.

Root causes and finding the mandrake root. Leave the great hall and then go through the stone archway to return to the castle grounds. Find the cannonball from earlier, and push it in front of the fire, so it heats up.

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