Poptropica Time Tangled Cave

Poptropica Time Tangled Cave. Before time tangled was released, it was referred to as time lapse island, then later as time twisted island. The gunpowder can be found in the great wall of china (1593 ad) time period of time tangled island.

Poptropica Mystery Train jetever
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Time tangled is a really fun island. Walk to the right and there will be a building that says party time tower. When that happens, jump and land on them.

It Will Blast The Rocks Away And You Can Enter The Cave.

Click on her and she will tell you about your mission. Run until you see a building called, pendulum’s lab outside of the lab there is a crying lady. A woman is crying just outside.

Click It When You Find It.

The gunpowder can be found in the great wall of china (1593 ad) time period of time tangled island. Many thanks to samwow5 for the guide. You can find it near the end of the wall.

I Should Be On Time Twisted Island!”

This will knock them out. The basic idea is to travel to different periods of time and “fix” the future by finding different objects that have been lost and then placed in the wrong time period. When battling the hydra, each one of its heads will rear back and plunge down towards you.

Talk To Her And Follow Her Into Pendulum’s Lab.

Once you first arrive at time tangled island go right until you reach an orange haired guy, talk to him and then enter the door that he goes into. This video cheats guide shows you everything you need to know for beating the. In this crazy adventure, you’ll use a time machine to restore order to many different eras in history.

It's On The Bottom Floor Of The Cave.

Both are on the right side of the wall. The vase for ancient greece (1 o’clock, 328 bc) is at the vikings island (2 o’clock, 831 ad) and is slightly difficult to recover. Walk to the right, and you will see a woman in front of the lab.

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