Poptropica Super Villain Island Shrinking Potion

Poptropica Super Villain Island Shrinking Potion. Drop all the way down to the bottom of the ship and click on the cannon down there to fire it. Take the shrinking potion and enter the bottle.

Super Villain Island Tour & Video Trailer
Super Villain Island Tour & Video Trailer from www.poptropica.com

Then jump onto the first ledge and walk left. To open the door in binary bard’s dream. Upper left corner in the first picture.

After Your Done With The First Painting Don’t Leave Yet!

Trap them both then go to the bottom of the ship and fire the cannon. Go to the model ship located on the top right and use the shrinking potion from black widow’s dream to enter it. As you rise, you’ll see some of poptropica’s former baddies, all locked up because of you.

How Do You Get To Super Villain Island?

Use your shrinking potion and you automatically jump into the bottle. Jump up to the very top of the ship and shut the gate when the cannon rolls into the middle area. Skullduggery islandbuy bigger ships as you can afford them, but none can beat the captain.

Drop Down And Do The Same Thing With The Cannon Below Him.

On the top left corner, jump up and you’ll receive the shrinking potion. First, use the empty sprayer from dr. 2 in the first painting, get the shrinking potion in the upper right corner.in the second painting, the crystal key is hanging on the crecent moon.

Take The Shrinking Potion And Enter The Bottle.

To infiltrate their minds and extract the sources of their evil. He is in a cell with el mustachio. In this island, you enter into the minds to get totems of four of the poptropica's worst past villains:

Use The Shrinking Potion To Crawl Inside The Ship.

In the top right corner of this painting, you will see a keyring. In the video game, ratman is a retired villain who works with his rats. Four villains from the past are returning to attempt to wreck mayhem in poptropica:

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