Poptropica Spy Island Eye Exam

Poptropica Spy Island Eye Exam. An organization called the bald and dangerous (or b.a.d. The mission when you land on spy island and talk to the spy in the jumpsuit, she’ll say that director d.

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Go inside, and talk to the eye doctor. Click on the opposite of everything he points at. Talk to dr.spyglass and get an eye exam.

Spy Island Is The 6 Th Island Released On Poptropica.

Spyglass and tell him you would like an eye exam. You can customize the eye glasses, but this is not required on the island. Talk to the eye exam guy here and he’ll reveal that he’s the.

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Enter the spyglass eyewear building. Go outside and go all the way to the right to the spyglass eyewear shop.go inside. Talk to him and get the decoder kit.

Arrive At Spy Island By Balloon And Then Run To The Right And Enter The Headquarters Building.

In spy island, you are a secret agent who is given the mission of attempting to put a halt to the notorious and evil criminal organization, b.a.d. Click on the letter from the opposite direction it points. The mission when you land on spy island and talk to the spy in the jumpsuit, she’ll say that director d.

Is On The Top Floor.

This is director d, the head of your secret agent organization. First,go to the headquarters,talk to director d.,and he’ll give you a decoder kit.then, get off the headquarters,go to the eye doctor,get inside,talk to the eye doctor and he’ll give you an eye test.then,the eye doctor will say: For short) is using a ray with an unknown chemical (most likely sulfuric acid) that vaporizes every poptropican's hair.

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Right when you get there, you should go inside the headquarters. When the chart comes up and he asks you to identify the different letter e's, choose the one that is facing the oppisite direction Go to the headquarters and find director d.

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