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Poptropica Mythology Gods Quiz. When you are at this page, we think that you are looking for the information talking about gods and goddesses quiz in mythology island. Apparently, she will test your knowledge regarding the greek gods and goddesses.

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Arrive on the main street of mythology. Poptropica how to access old islands. There is no god on poptropica, other than.

Here Are The Answers Of Quiz In Mythology Island (Aphrodite Quiz);

Aphrodite’s god quiz in mythology island. Mythology island is inspired by greek mythology, with gods such as athena, zeus, poseidon, and creatures such as satyrs and minotaur. The villain, zeus, reappears in the final battle of super villain island, and the fight is similar to that of mythology island.

Apparently, She Will Test Your Knowledge Regarding The Greek Gods And Goddesses.

She is also as one of the major greek goddesses in greek mythology island. When you go to poseidon’s domain, you’ll find aphrodite on the beach. Aphrodite is the greek goddess of love and beauty.

She Is One Of The Major Greek Goddesses In Greek Mythology.

If aphrodite give you a quiz, please remember that you have to answer the quiz correctly. Once inside, you'll find yourself on a beach. You have to know that ares is the god of war.

Apparently, She Will Test Your Knowledge Regarding The Greek Gods And Goddesses.

You'll need to head over to the temple of poseidon, and you'll need to use a starfish to open it. I already have the walkthrough up for mythology island, but what if you want to figure it out by yourself and you need a tiny b. Most of them are looking for the answer of quiz in mythology island.

There You Are Going To Meet Several Of The Greek Gods As Well Quiz.

Arrive on the main street of mythology. A bit more about the god test. In order of how the goddess sats them.

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