Poptropica Mission Atlantis How To Get The Key

Poptropica Mission Atlantis How To Get The Key. Quickly swim all the way down to the bottom of the area as he chases you and then trap him in the cage at the bottom of the area. He will also tell you to get the key to the submarine.

Poptropica Mission Atlantis Island Cheats Walkthrough
Poptropica Mission Atlantis Island Cheats Walkthrough from www.youtube.com

Jump up to the platform above him and click the bucket, spilling water all over him. Pick up the empty bucket! Dodge the shark while collecting your first two puzzle pieces!

He Will Also Tell You To Get The Key To The Submarine.

Use your sub to block the vent that blows bubbles out. You will pour the ink all over the man with the key, and he will drop the key. Jump up and click on the bucket on the platform.

Get A Jellyfish, Activate The First Purple Circle Above The Nest;

Continue down and head to the section to your left. Poptropica mission atlantis episode 1 guide. Get another jellyfish, go to the first door you opened and activate the nearest circle there.

Click On The Sub To Get Inside And Begin Your Underwater Adventure To Find Footage Of The Fish!

It is also the second island to be released in episodes. He's annoyed, but doesn't lose his grip on those keys! If you are at poptropica help blog mission atlantis, there are those reference and you are able to click to enlarge.

If You Have Already Read The Files, Please Jump Up To The Top Of The Boat.

Find this guy and talk to him: Mission atlantis island is the 40th island on poptropica. Walkthrough poptropica mission atlantis 1 the official walkthrough for escape from pelican rock island on poptropica goes through every step of your escape plan in exact detail.

Learn How To Sharpen Your Spoon Into A Chisel, And Then Use It To Chip Out Of Your Cell Into The Back Hallways Of Pelican Rock Prison.

In the next area, go up just a bit and you will see a red button. Climb aboard the submarine and descend into the deep in search of rare and bizarre. Run to the left and click on the lock on the crate to open it, which reveals the sub.

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