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Poptropica Cryptids Camera. Go to the loch ness and go to the guy whos car is stuck then he will giva you the camera when you have helped him where is balloon boy on. All together you can learn about big foot/yeti, the giant squid, the jersey devil, the chupacabra, and the loch ness monster/nessie.

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He will tell you to help with getting his truck unstuck. Play darts against the players there. You can make the tour of all four and actually confirm the jersey devil on the first visit, and nessie and chupacabra on.

Then Click Under The Left Wheel And Then It Will Show You The Wheel, Find The Wheel Release The Air Hold Until It Stops.

You will see a sign that says: How do you get the camera on poptropica cryptids island? How do you get super powers on poptropica?

Many Players Have Reported Being Deathly Scared When They First Saw The.

Where to find night watch island in poptropica? There are currently (as of july '19) 50 islands (47 in poptropica original, 3 in poptropica worlds) you can explore, and more keep being developed and added. The hunt is on for bigfoot, nessie, and other legendary beasts.

In The Pub, Pick Up The Book Of Matches From The Bar.

You'll receive a camera as payment for help. Go to the man on top of the submarine and get a ride. Just go to loch ness then a guy will ask you if u can get his truck out of bridge click on the tire and then try your best to pop the tire then he will reward you with a camera.

Then Go To Cryptids Island And Get The Hair From The Girl In Black Next To The Kite Shop.

How do you get the camera on poptropica cryptids island? The owner of the truck will thank you and give you a digital camera as a reward. You’ll need a camera to get a picture of both nessie and the footprint in the snow at the top of the himalayan mountain.

Through Your Journey, He Helps You Find Cryptids.

Run to the right until you see an old man in front of a yellow truck. Zambrano99 posted 11 years ago. Where to find the camera in poptropica cryptids?

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