How To Find The Angler Fish In Poptropica

How To Find The Angler Fish In Poptropica. It’s hiding in its cave. You should also be able to see the head of the angler fish just below you!

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Go to the place where the barreleye was located. Then go to the left to the next area (follow the arrow). Once you are done here, exit this room through the vent and then use the vent leading to the exhibit room.

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Locate the angler fish (y’know, the scary creature in finding nemo); Talk to the dude next to the giant crate in the water, cam jameson, and he'll tell you that he lost the keys to his submarine. Where do you find the anglerfish in poptropica?

Episode 1!Click Below For Time Codes Of Major Events From The Island.start The Walkthrough:

Poptropica underwater part 3 full. You will find the fish to the right, and you can click on it to start filming. Episode one takes you into the deep, where your mission is to capture footage of rare sea creatures for cam jameson.

It Won’t Come Out Unless You Bait It With Food.

When you arrive, you’ll be in a maze. Find some red fish to feed it. Drive your sub to the right to find more fish.

You Need About 3 Fish Following You In Order To Successfully Record The Angler Fish.

Walkthrough on poptropica atlantis 2. Now, to free this man, click on the blue triangle on this machine! Drive down to the left to find the angler fish.

Find Some Red Fish To Feed It.

See this handy maze map for where to find both the angler fish and all six little red fish: It swims through an opening accessible at the lower right side of this area, so follow it in that direction. You do this by moving around the area collecting tiny orange fish (avoid the sea urchins, it scares the fish and they swim away).

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