How To Beat Betty Jetty In Poptropica

How To Beat Betty Jetty In Poptropica. Go up the skyscaper, and betty will be there. You should dodge these green beams, but if you get hit with these energy balls 4 times, you will have to start over again.

Betty Jetty Poptropica Amino
Betty Jetty Poptropica Amino from

Then go to the right and find a girl who will tell you, “simply play the. Zeus will produce balls of energy *note* these balls are not like betty jetty's or dr. How do you beat crusher island on poptropica?

Once You’re There, She’ll Tell You To Catch Her If You Can.

How do you beat betty jetty on poptropica? Unfortunately, the wind started picking up as well, and this is where we miscalculated. If ur on that island my advice would b 2 defeat him first.

To Activate It, Click On The Small Fly Icon In The Lower Left Corner Of The Screen.

I’ve noticed some ppl r mad bcuz they can’t beat betty jetty well don’t wrry about that just take a break go to. Hare's they follow you.when you see this stay in a corner until they come into veiw then use evasive moves to avoid them. Why are so many poptropica islands gone?

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And retrieve the pan flute. You will find betty jetty on the tallest skyscraper roof in downtown. Use your new superpower of flight to defeat betty jetty.

You Should Now Be Downtown.

How to capture betty jetty. Continue right into the next section as well as the empty section. Only shoot him when he is solid and not glowing.

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Once you’re there, she’ll tell you to catch her if you can. Chase after her, but she can create these green things that will slow you down. After she shoots these green things at you, fling your mouse forward towards her.

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